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The SPECifics about the Author

October 17, 2011

My name is Dan and i live in the midwest w/ my wife and very young daughter. Ive been driving on a race track since 2005 but previous to that i was immersed in car culture from birth. My father and grandfather raced vw dune buggies and baja bugs in the early 80’s and afterwards a steady stream of hot rods ran in and out of our garage. I ran through quite a variety of cars from a 1979-1981 mustang trilogy to a 71 Nova, 53 BelAir, 64 Riviera, 69 Firebird, a couple hondas, a Dodge Dakota w/ hydraulics and a steady array of beaters until i got into Toyota Supras for awhile. I decided i wanted to go autox racing but the supra was way too heavy. Upon my search for a lighter car i bought a Harley, but three months later traded it for my first Porsche. I drove w/ a friend out to Arkansas to pick up my 89 944 and for a year it was my life. I traded it for a 924s and a 914, built the 914 up and ended up trading that back for the 89 a year later. That year i started doing drivers education events. My first was at Putnam park near Indy and it was awesome. I did however neglect to check the oil most of that weekend and also had my first spun rod bearing. After an engine rebuild and some suspension upgrades i hit the track again. After two years the n/a seemed too slow and i began looking for a faster replacement car. In 2008 i sold the 89 and bought my first turbo. Long story short that car ended up w/ over 360rwhp and a full coilover very stiff suspension w/ most of my paycheck bolted on. The more time i spent on the track the more speed and competition i needed. Eventually i also took the instructors test and became a PCA national instructor, teaching others how to drive at DE events. I love watching someones confidence in themselves and their car grow in a weekend and watching them have a blast meanwhile. Around this time a friend and I decided to build a car for the 24 hours of Lemons. This race requires you to take a $500 or lesser car and fit it with safety gear and then try to race it for 24 hours straight. Our ride was of course a 944 and for $250 it was actually a decent car. Our first race in 2009 ended badly with the Lemons guys (see Curse) and we decided to make our come back with another series called Chumpcar. This race series is alot more competitive and has the same $500 or less rules that limit the competition. Racing wheel to wheel is a blast and our team learned alot about preparation, team work and what it takes to build and maintain a race car. We managed third place at our first 24 hour race and did quite well in our others despite some reoccuring problems that would plague the car from time to time and take away our lead. In 2011 i decided to sell my turbo and persue building a car to enter into 944spec racing with NASA. This series allows you to race wheel to wheel with other 944’s which are mainly stock, fully caged cars with only certain suspension upgrades and everyone runs on Toyo Ra1 tires. The car i found was probably way too nice to cut up but i wanted to start with a decent chassis. I hit up Hanksville Hotrods and ordered their basic cage w/ a nascar style drivers door bar and hidden knee bar. This thing fit so friggin good, well worth the money. A friend of mine had an 88 high compression motor just laying around (convenient) so i purchased that and rebuilt it to prepare for the track including polished crank, new bearings and oil pan baffles. The car is still in the works but so far has Sparo Evo seats-ps for instructing will come out for races- IO port window net, safety solution center net, custom build fiberglass dash, fire suppression system w/ three sprayers, detachable wheel hub w/ momo prototipo wheel, 30mm rear torsions, 350lb front coilovers, poly suspension bushings, 968 MO30 swaybars front and rear, Hawk pads, two full sets of 15×7 phone dials w/ RA1 tires and a shiney new spec clutch. Im shooting for next season to be my rookie year so i’ll be finishing this car and helping a buddy with his spec car over the winter. Maybe this blog will help others looking into spec racing learn what to expect, or maybe it’ll just be entertaining. Dan


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