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Building the Beast

October 23, 2011

So the other day my buds helped me install the long block into the car, already attached to the crossmember and lower front suspension. Basically you raise it up from underneath and bolt the assembly into the frame rails. Tonite i went to work on the engine and made some good progress. Of the several parts from my turbo i am reusing, most are under the hood. I wanted to use my shiney powdercoated cambox on the spec car but the cam is different for the turbo, so tonite i swapped cams and took some time to clean everything up and install all new seals into this cambox. Then i was able to bolt that to the motor, install the belt covers and timing belts, a few small misc brakets and the upper radiator hose water neck which i spray painted graphite to match the new cambox. With more of this type progress i should have the car running this week or perhaps next weekend. Received my injectors back from Witchhunter today- the note on the invoice reads “injectors very bad upon arrival, ok now”. Its always important to check these or have them flowed when building a motor since if they sit w/ old gas in them they will gel up very badly.

I also drove the Dragon for the last time today. My old Chumpcar racer 944 the “Dragon” was sold to another team and the car carrier showed up today to drag her down to Texas for some more endurance racing. Its sad when you see a car go, especially when you have so much time invested in it- whether its a $500 car or not.


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