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Let me brake it down for you

November 2, 2011

i decided tonite to organize the garage alittle. It has started to overflow with 944 parts and most of which i will never use or do anything with. I pulled all of my bins of crap out and threw out a good bit and organized all of my little drawers of sensors and pieces that i may need someday for the race car or a project. I pretty much know every bolt and nut from a 944 front and back, where they go and what they do. That is except for the brake calipers. Ive never had a set of calipers apart before.  The brakes on the spec car project look pretty bad so they were definitly in line for a rebuild. I have been reading up on some other builds about this and it seems pretty straight forward so tonite i pulled the calipers all apart and i’ll have them sandblasted and spray them before i install the new seal kits and brake pads.

I started by pulling the pins out that hold the brake pads in. This seems like it would be easy but when they are very rusty, it can be a chore. One of my front calipers was so rusty that even with penetrating oil, a punch and a hammer the pin would not come out- even after chopping the end of the pin off flush w/ the braket. Luckily i had a spare set of calipers laying around. Got the pins out and used a hammer to slide the central braket and caliper hydraulics apart. Then i pulled the rubber seal from around the caliper piston and used a pair of channel locks to twist/pull the pistons out. Despite the rusty exterior, the inside of the calipers looks pretty clean, so a wire wheel and some cleaning will make them good as new.

Tomorrow my coolant and fuel lines should be here so hopefully i’ll be posting good news about the motor running afterwards. Once the brakes are done and the motor runs i can finish up the exhaust and start on bodywork. I may be able to drive this once before it snows!


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