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It’s Alive!

November 9, 2011

After work wed. more parts were waiting on my porch for the spec car. This is always exciting to me but less so for the wife. So i took my box of parts and headed out. Got my new coolant hoses installed and finally had the last pieces to install my fuel lines. Climbed under and installed the starter, dropped the afm and airbox in temporarily and bolted in the battery. Double check everything. Is my emergency disconnect working right? Is my oil cooler going to leak? Did i tighten that coolant line enough? So i flipped the switch and turned the key and it cranked over a few times and tried to fire. Ok sure, no fuel, try again. Cranked again a few times and fired right up. The dash board lit up with a dozen red lights with the oil pressure reading 0 and oil level lit up on the left. Most people would freak about now but ive been through this enough times to know that the amount of assembly lube i used on this motor along w/ the cold temps we’ve been seeing lately make the oil flow very tough on first start up. A whack of the throttle and the oil gauge popped up to 5 bar. Idle was amazing for a fresh motor w/ no exhaust besides the header and no idle valve installed. I did notice however that the fuel pressure regulator had a steady stream of gas leaving from the o-ring to the rail so off she went. After popping a new o-ring on there and checking some connections i fired her up again, this time immediate oil pressure and less lights. Revving the motor w/ no exhaust was slightly painful but i couldnt help it- this poor guy has been sitting idle for over ten years since my buddy totalled his 88 944.

Once the excitement wore off it was back to work. I bolted the strut assemblies into place in the strut towers and dropped the spindles in and bolted them up. Both outer tie rods got replaced and then the new front wheel bearings got a nice coating of swepco bearing grease and the hubs went on. Then the new rotors went on and i sprayed the centers graphite just because i dont like looking at rusty rotor hats behind the rims. My calipers are still at the sand blaster so i moved to the back of the car for a minute. After talking to some spec guys i decided the ebrakes have to go. Removing these is much easier than installing them. My next move will be pulling the ebrake cables, installing the rear rotors and putting the brake calipers back together. Once the brakes are sorted i can start on the exhaust and hook up the hydraulics for the clutch. Then i may be able to take her down the street!


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