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Misc. weekend rambling

November 14, 2011

Most of this weekend has been filled with cleaning our house and evacuating the premesis for showings as our house is currently on the market.  Between these times i have been trying to fit in some spec car work and even may have gotten something accomplished. Last night i climbed up into the car and found out that my seating position which was perfect in my turbo feels pretty far back in this car, so i’ll prob. have to redrill new holes in the braces to move the seat forward. This morning i ran out and hung the painted exhaust under the car with a couple bolts and tonite i managed to bolt it up completely. It looks awsome (of course) and even fits very nicely. I started the car and it sounds pretty good with a low burble but couldnt really let ‘er rip since its late and my neighbors may not appreciate it as much as i would.   Next i changed the blue hose that feeds the brake fluid to the top of the clutch master. The only one i had was pretty rough so a friend of mine donated some blue braided hose left over from his brake projects. After i swapped this and refilled the resevoir i took a couple pics of the brackets this same friend designed and had made to hold the headlights closed and open for cars with deleted linkage and headlight motor. This bolts to the frame rails and has a corresponding hole for up and down which clips onto the back side of each headlight bucket bracket. Each bracket is made of stainless and allows for headlights to be raised or lowered manually in seconds. Contact me if you are interested in a set as they are super clean, light and well made. I believe he sells them for about $75. a set. 





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