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Thursday nights alright for drivin’

November 18, 2011

 So since my last post ive been on a rollercoaster ride w/ the spec car.  The other day i started the car and the oil pressure was very low.  On top of that the top end was ticking very badly. My first thought was somehow ive already spun a rod bearing and i am screwed.  After draining and inspecting the oil i decided it may just be the oil pressure regulator -OPRV according to Porsche- and swapped that out with one from a spare motor. Immediatly my pressure came up on the gauge but the ticking persisted. Hopefully it was just the cold and 20w-50 not wanting to pump up the lifters.

I drained my trans fluid which looked very thin and brown, flushed it once and refilled the transaxle with some Swepco 80/90 fluid.  This stuff is very thick and sticky and works well in hot temps and abuse. Then i installed my axels left over from my turbo that are only a year or two old and in great shape. I wiped out most of the grease in the ends of each axel and repacked them with Swepco axel grease, also great stuff. At this point i dropped the car on the ground to see where it sat, and found out that my rear torsion bar job was off abit leaving the right rear of the car about an inch too high. The front coilovers were also not even and the drivers side which needed to go half an inch higher was stuck, with the alan set screw stripped out. After removing the strut and cutting the collar off i installed a new collar which i have had a pair of sitting on the shelf just waiting for this moment. The front was set and now to adjust the rear. Looks like the rear accentric was all the way down. Time to go to bed.

Tonite i set out to the garage with high hopes. I jacked the rear of the car up and dropped the passenger side of the rear torsion tube down – had to drop the rear of the exhaust off of the hangers.  After pulling the side of the torsion housing off and removing the torsion end cap i marked the bar vertically, flipped it 180 degrees and then set my distance from the torsion upper mount- looks like a sling blade- to the bump stop on the top of the rear trailing arm. The drivers side was 6″ away from the center of the 13mm upper mount bolt to the bump stop, with the passenger side being about 7.5″ away.  Since the torsion bar has an uneven number of teeth you can flip it around and this makes the adjustment spacing change. I set the rear plate so that once bolted together the distance was as close to 6″ as possible and bolted the torsion back together then used a jack to push everything back into place. Now the car sits evenly and once the rest of the car is together w/ some gas in the tank i can “corner balance” using a tape measure comparing wheel wells before i send the car to the alignment shop.  This took about an hour but i have done this many times before it seems.

So finally the car was ready for its maiden voyage down the driveway. I dropped the car down and fired her up. The usual ticking persisted. I let the car warm up to temp in hopes the lifters would quiet down but no. So i hopped in the car and pulled down the driveway which at this point was almost dark. I jumped out and flipped the headlights up in the brackets, flipped the switch to bring them on and headed down my street. The car feels amazing. The lack of weight and rigidity of the cage and stiff springs make the car handle like a go-cart. I shifted first to second and waited of second, then pushed the bang pedal to the floor. The car jumped surprisingly quickly and swung the tach needle upward in a hurry. What a feeling. Back to the garage before the fuzz arrives. The test drive was successful and the ticking even stopped after my trip up the block and back. I did however figure out that the placement of my seat is too far back- same seat and mount from the turbo but somehow  sits too far from the pedals now- or maybe im shrinking. Pulling the seat out with all of the harnesses and nets in this car is about the same as doing my torsion bar adjustment. After pulling the seat and mount from the car i measured an inch back from each hole and redrilled new holes through the bracket and fit it back into the car. Now the seat is perfect for me and i can even push the clutch pedal to the floor without tippy toeing. Remember- once you are buckled into the seat you can’t get any closer to the pedals so make sure  your seat is in the right spot.

Ok so the car runs, drives and is sitting on its own wheels. Now what? Time to work on the body! No cutting or grinding tonite but i did pull the sunroof out and start stripping the inside of it before i glue it in. I also removed the last of the glue from the side of the car where the bump strip used to be. Only did the drivers side but it turned out pretty well so it looks like i wont have to respray very much of the car after all. Once i fix the small rust spot on the rocker and damaged portion of the lower door, i’ll be touching up the white paint and then buffing the entire car out. Then i can focus on the most important part of any race car- the stripes.

 BTW- check out the stickers i had printed- Dan Jauch Racing begins….hey have to start somewhere.


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