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Stickers add lightness

November 19, 2011

Got off work early today and decided to spend some time on the car-imagine that. I really need to get on the rust on the rocker panel but instead i worked on the rest of the car. Used the eraser wheel and took the glue off the sides of the car and wetsanded the area with some 1000 grit paper. I decided to put on my new decal at the top of my windshield and this is what started the ball rolling. I steel wooled the windshield down w/ some 00 wool and centered my decal and stuck it on. Cleaning the windshield led to getting out the rubbing compound and applicator and before i knew it the whole car was shiney. Then i went over that with some polish. Cant get too crazy yet because i still have to paint stripes on the car. Hey now the car is clean around the edges, i can install all the little pieces again. Taillights go back in w/ seal strips, side windows go back in, door rubber goes back on and door handles in and hooked up. I even finally installed my new hood cable- basically a universal cable w/ a handle that is routed to the bottom of the front bumper. We’ll see how this works but i think if i keep it oiled it will last awhile.

No one can resist the temptation to install stickers. Its been scientifically proven. Give a guy a hand full of stickers and they will go somewhere. First things first, my Porsche crest sticker goes into position where the stock one would be. Saves my like two ounces! I needed a couple to cover up the holes in my quarter panel where someone installed a turbo rear valance, in comes the G-Force stickers. A few others went on the inside of the doors. Time to order some numbers and fix my rust issue. Still havent touched my sunroof, not looking forward to all the dust i’ll be breathing in the next couple weeks doing body work.


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