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Sam’s Spec car rebuild

November 29, 2011

My car is in storage and my buddy Sam’s car is here for alot of work. Here is a short list of projects on my “To Do” list.

-Inspect new motor and install new WP,belts,rollers,cambox,intake,etc… pull old motor

-install external oil cooler

-respray entire car- inside and out, under hood

-fix messed up door and fender as well as replace the hood and lower valance-modify valance

-paint three sets of wheels

-install CF dash which means fabricating brakets and we are making it removable like mine so all the gauges stay in the car with the dash out

-fab up exhaust like mine- previous exhaust pretty much fell off.

-trace out the rats nest of wiring and figure out what the hell the guy who wired this was smoking

-replace emergency disconnect with one like mine w/ mounting on a- pillar as well.

-install full containment seat with sliders

-custom hood latches

-i also have boxes containing a full fire suppression system, brake rebuild kits, tie rod ends and more…

SO i figured i will get the important BIG stuff out of the way first and then the rest can all be figured out while the paint dries. Sam had pulled the interior for the most part and there no sound deadening to scrape so i started mocking up the new dash. There were some brackets installed previously but once i started trying to mount to those i realized they were useless. I ripped those out and started fresh w/ some metal strips from Home Depot. These brackets will not only hold the dashboard in but the gauge panel as well. Once finished they will be drilled and tapped for bolts and be painted with the rest of the interior and rollbar.  The dash itself started as a full carbon fiber unit but i chopped off the bottom and gauge area with a saws all and smoothed out the edges with a grinder. I wanted to make the gauge panel from aluminum but hardware stores dont carry anything this large so i picked up an old street sign ive had for years laying around and cut the piece from that.

Now the dash is pretty much mounted and i wanted to start pulling things out of the way for install of new stuff and paint. I pulled the old emergency disconnect and battery which really didnt impress me. I also started clipping off wires to things like cruise control, the hood and the alarm switches that are long gone anyway. I figured pulling the hood would make some room and its getting replaced anyway so i would pull the bolts and…. oh, the ps hood is welded to the hinge!! After some grinding, cutting and prying the hood is off but the hinge is pretty torn up. Some hammering and grinding is in order to fix this one. Done for tonite but hopefully once this car is done it will be much simpler and easier to work on, not to mention much prettier. Who likes orange anyway?- yuck.



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  1. Sam Grant permalink

    Orange sucks!

    • Neal Agran permalink

      You’re kidding. I kind of like the orange. What color are you going for?

      • xsboost90 permalink

        dark grey- gt3rs- w/ guards red wheels/mirrors and rollcage- and a sticker…

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