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Johnny 5: Disassemble!

December 1, 2011

Tonite my cousin was back and my bud Alan was allowed out for awhile to help out as well. I had my cousin pull the sunroof, rear windows and hatch and start pulling things like old alarm lock cylinder in the quarter, misc brakets that we didnt need etc. I finished the welds on a couple tubes under the sunroof and started working on the mount for the emergency disconnect. The plate was notched out for the rollbar and drilled for the new disconnect then welded to the a-pillar just above the dash leaving room for the dash to be removed. Once painted the wires will be routed neatly into the corner of the dash and will be easier to reach from inside the car or out. I told Alan if he pulled the lower valance he could take it to another friend of ours that is building a chumpcar 944 and needed the piece, so he set to getting that all apart, between swiggs of Yuengling. My cousin worked on removing some tar from inside the drivers door and we pulled the headlight covers, transponder and started pulling parts from the engine bay. I pulled the drain for the radiator to let the water from the system out- btw- i drained my spec cars coolant (water) today as well- dont forget to do this if your car is in storage and gets cold enough to freeze.

I suspect the next chance i get out to the garage i could probably have the motor out and start working under the hood cleaning up and removing pieces so i can paint in there. I’ll be removing some holes in the wheel wells and fire wall as well as removing unnecessary brakets and pulling wiring and pieces that i need to paint around. Once its ready i’ll be primering the entire car inside and out. Then i will spray the rollbar Guards Red, allow this to dry then tape up the bars and spray the car inside and under the hood, then the exterior. The car itself is going dark grey, the color of the new GT3RS with red trim. Pretty awesome color combo and should look great out there on the track with my Martini livery car. Cant wait to see both of these done. Neither can the wife.


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