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December 4, 2011

Didnt have a ton of time to work on Sammy’s car today but i did manage to make some progress on the interior of the car. I wanted to get the seat mounted since tomorrow Sam is coming over to help out and it would be good for him to give his approval on the fitment of the seat before i start painting stuff. We had a set of sliders, a new slider handle, new Recaro side mounts and a seat. The large upper portion of our Recaro full containment seat was going to be a challenge as it interferes with the triangulation of the b-pillar of the rollcage.  We needed to put the seat just slightly inward to clear this bar. Once again i headed to HomeDepot and bought some 1/8″ steel plate. I cut the plate which was about 1.5″ wide to the same length as the top of the slider. Then i ground down the edges and the top of the slider- the plate will be welded on offset to the inside center of the car so i can mount the seat over about 1/4 – 1/2″. I had to notch the left slider a fair amount to clear the lift release for the slider locks. Then i welded the plates to the sliders and mounted them in the car.

Now i took the side mounts and ground down the bottoms and side edges of the lower plates for welding, and then mounted them to the seat. I dropped the seat in place and slid it back as far as possible to see where i could mount it to clear the cage. I could have made it possible to slide the seat all the way back but that would have required making the mounts pretty far offset. I decided to give up about an inch- i mean really who is 6’6″ – and i offset the seat enough for what we would need. I wiggled the seat into position and then tac welded the back sides of the side mounts to the slider plates. Then i pulled the bolts from the side mounts, lifted the seat out and measured the side mount distances front and rear. After evening them up slightly i tac welded the front of the side mounts to the plates and pulled the whole assembly out. At this point i welded everything together, side mounts to the plates and finished welding the plates to the sliders top and bottom. Im willing to guess that nothing short of a brick of C4 will separate the seat from the slider at this point.

The sliders allow the seat to be pushed back as far as possible so that the driver can clear the full containment “wings” to get out of the car during an emergency. The slope of the windshield on the 944 makes this hard without moving the seat back. We also will be attaching the pull handle more permanently to the slider brakets so that it will not fall off in the event you need it quickly. On to the dash.

I had the brakets welded on for the dash and cut out the plate for the gauges but had not mounted anything yet. I slid the dash back on and lined up the gauge plate so i could drill some holes. I drilled two of the holes to locate the plate, tapped out the holes to 1/4-20 and installed two 1/4-20 machine screws to hold the plate in place. Then i drilled the other three holes and tapped them as well. Now my plate was in place and i could finish mounting the dash cover. Same procedure, drill out four holes from the bottom edge of the dash into the mounts, tap and install screws. Here is the almost finished product. Now i can work on figuring out the gauge positions and drill some holes for them. Alot of this will be done once the car is painted but the more messy cutting i can do now the better.

I turned my attention to the drivers door which was bumped in a race this season. Sam brought over an extra door but i was going to try and save this one if possible. Once i started looking into the bodywork more closely i found alot of previous bodywork in the door and decided to go with the new door. This meant i would need to gut the new door out and notch it for the rollcage like the old one. Out comes the saws all again. Had to buy a new spool of welding wire so once that was loaded into the Miller i decided to weld up the hold in the quarter where the alarm lock used to reside. I cut a small piece of sheetmetal and held it behind the hole, tac welded it in place and then ground the welds down flush with the quarter. Once the bodywork is done it will disappear. More work tomorrow once Sammy comes over.


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