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Sunday Dash

December 5, 2011

About 11am Sam and I got to work out in the garage on the spec car. I wanted to see how the seat fit him now that the sliders were irreversibly welded together, so fingers crossed. After some adjustments of the side mounts and installing the steering wheel hub spacer i got the thumbs up on the seat. I spent some time on the dash making a center panel to mount the switches into and welded it to the knee bar and dash braces just below the dash cover. Sounds rather straight forward but with my lack of oragomi skills it took me most of the afternoon. Sam did manage to strip the new hood down and remove the liner between Yuenglings (thanks Alan). I did alittle work to the front drivers fender to further pop out the dent and line up the headlight which seems to have been twisted, bent and just basically screwed up. After a good hour of wrestling w/ the fender and bending the nose panel around i managed to get it “good enough” so that the headlight has a gap all around it and some resemblance of a body line. I also used some All Metal to fill in the holes in the bumperette-less front bumper, an aluminum filler which will be structural enough that  i can smooth out the bumpers with some traditional filler over it.  After Sam left and the kiddy was in bed i decided to mess with the gauge panel some more. Alan stopped by this afternoon and dropped off Sam’s Traqmate so i could finally fit it all together. The display fits pretty well just over the steering column and i traced out some circles for where the gauges could be located. Turns out i have SIX gauges instead of the five i thought we had but with the center console box we have room. I can fit five gauges in the dash panel even with the cut out for the center net and clearance for the dash braces. The gauges require a two and one sixteenth inch hole. I found a two and one eighth hole saw in my cabinet and checked it and seemed like it would work fine, so i went about cutting out the five holes in the dash. Ends up that that is just alittle too big. Back to the drawing board. I pulled the large piece of aluminum sheet back out and traced the panel to make a whole new gauge panel. Once the new panel was cut out and refit to the dash, i measured and cut the slot out for the center net to pass through, using a small hole saw and then cutting between the two holes to connect them. I will get the proper hole saw before i cut the gauges again. Fo sho.


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