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Drop it like its warm.

December 9, 2011

The holiday season is upon us, and help in the garage is getting scarce.  I talked my cousin into coming over again to the kinda chilly garage to help pull the motor from Sam’s car. Once i traced all the wiring out that the PO had routed through the engine bay and unravelled the tape holding the engine harness in, we dropped the swaybar and then the front cradle w/ the engine attached. My cousin lifted the front of the car up and i set the jackstands higher so the engine will roll right out from underneath on the  atv jack. Ive done this so many times its like routine maintenance. With the engine on the ground we pulled the clutch to inspect it as the car had some clutch issues during this race season. The Spec clutch looked fine and didnt appear to have any premature wear, good thing because these babys arent cheap! I put my cousin to redoing the plate that covered the hold in the cowl where the hvac used to reside. The PO had installed some sheet metal with some tiny self tapping screws and some foam tape. After pulling that off i bent the edges of the metal to a 45 and had my cousin put some sealer strip – like on the tail lights- around the hole and reinstalled the plate using some body bolts and the five original bolt holes to mount it. Much stronger and actually may keep water out this time around. Ive started pulling the wiring from the engine bay out or just out of the way so once i get it cleaned up under the hood and sanded i can spray this all body color. Well i have an early morning tomorrow so im out.


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