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Un-holey night

December 16, 2011

Back out to the garage tonite with the cuz and made some progress. First thing we dropped the car down off the stands and rolled her outside to wash under the hood. I used some strong cleaner to degrease under the hood and up in the fire wall, then sprayed it all down with the hose. Back into the garage with a more central position where the car will be for paint. Cuz pulled the front struts out while i was fitting the catch can into place. Hopefully the hood clears but based on past experience it should work- i cut the braket from the rear of the catch can except the top, then slotted the factory power steering resevoir braket. I had to “massage” the wheel well behind the catch can slightly and now it will hang on the braket with a hose clamp around the top. On to some sanding. I wiped down most of the area under the hood with laquer thinner to remove any left over oils and started sanding and removing stickers. For the most part under the hood is ready for primer, besides the battery box which will need some seam sealer in the corner where i think its been leaking, and a quick swipe of filler under the windshield to fill in where i welded up the holes that used to hold the old battery disconnect. Since sanding the interior is very boring, i gave my cousin some other things to do, one was removing the foil tape that was covering several holes around the shifter. Once the tape was gone, i ground down the area and welded each hole up, then knocked them down with a grinder. I started looking at the oil cooler location but i need to look into some spec rules before i go cutting any metal.

– meanwhile monday i took off work and spent the day out at the junkyard pulling a motor from a 924s. This motor is desirable since it- as my spec car motor- is the higher compression 10.2:1 motor only put in the 88 model cars. This motor is the m44/10 designated for the 924s with auto. I had been eyeing the motor for a few weeks but didnt feel the motivation to pull it until another spec guy who was looking for an 88 motor posted that he had four new RA1 tires to trade for a motor. I need tires! It was on. Sure it took me about six hours working in a muddy junkyard but the result was a motor that looks pretty good, has clean cylinder walls and a decent head, complete! Plans are set for a swap this weekend and i’ll have two full sets of brand new tires for this season.



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