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Sanding and Senna

December 19, 2011

When you start entering the world of racing, you start to learn more and more about the history and the people involved. I have never been a huge fan of racing unless i was the one driving. I know the basics, in drag racing there is Big Daddy Don Garletts, Don Prudhome and Shirley something. If you are into nascar there is the King Rick Petty, Tony Stewart ( i raced him at a chumpcar race), and that Cole Trickle guy. Besides that I was lost. Once i started hitting the track i started remembering names. I met Brian Redman and Vic Elford. I started looking up facts about Steve McQueen ( i even bought a book!). I read the book ” The Art of Racing in the Rain” – awesome book with lots of reference to this guy from Brazil that likes rain. Watching Top Gear one day i heard about a movie about Eric Bana and his Falcon XB coupe called “Love the Beast”. Awesome movie, only watched it like four times so far.  A few months back i heard about a movie called “Senna” coming out that told the story of Ayrton Senna and his rise through F1 and his untimely death. This weekend i watched the movie and it really made me think about the different levels of talent and determination there are on the track. Senna was an awesome driver and wicked quick in the rain, but he was determined to be the best. I know alot of drivers, some are quick, some are smooth, some talented and some are just determined enough to make up for it. I’m still undetermined where i fit in there. This is where Spec racing will come into play. Many of the best drivers i know will be in 944spec this year, driving the same cars and pitted against one another. This is both exciting and makes me nervous since i may find out im not as great as i think, or who knows, i may be a Senna.

Ive been thinking about all of this while sanding on Sam’s car tonite. Its amazing how not paying attention makes things go faster. I managed to sand pretty much the entire exterior of the car and get some filler applied before i even realized it. Is it possible to be the team mechanic and a good driver? Is there a point when you have to choose one or the other? I have friends that love to wrench and say they would rather not be a driver, i cant imagine that.


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