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Operation un-Orange

December 23, 2011

so i finally got the paint tonite that i have been chasing for a couple days. A friend got an awesome discount on paint supplies for me so we had the grey and the red mixed as well as the primer, activators etc and a spray can of the same color red to try out. These days they can mix any color and put it into a spray can for you -works well btw. Finally back at the garage and i decided to make a push to get the car ready for primer this week some time hopefully. The body work was done besides finish work on a few spots and then cleaning, masking and prep work. I managed to knock out the body work fairly quick-still havent touched the hood or valance and the rocker panel needs a quick once over before i rock guard it, but otherwise good enough for a race car. Cleaning the car is a chore since its not just the body but the entire inside, under the hood, body and every corner and jam. After blowing dust from every corner and sweeping up, wiping down panels and masking off what i could i decided that it would have to do. One last wipe down and the primer was in the gun.

When spraying a caged car, you don’t at first realize how much work this is going to be. Im not sure how the pros do this so well but i like to call my method the fire hose method. I narrowed the spray down as narrow as possible and sprayed the interior down like it was on fire. This actually works well as long as you don’t stay in one place too long. So i managed to get the entire car sprayed with two coats of Bulldog adhesion promoter and then two coats of Omni PPG 2k primer, enough that the orange had all but disappeared. I have to say my body work isnt terrible for a rush job, and the bumpers look great shaved. But the garage is still warm and the primer is about dry, whats next? I figured i would try out this spray can full of red on a piece of the cage to see how it lays out. Besides, if i spray the cage while the primer is not completely dry then i dont have to sand the cage! I pulled out the red and sprayed a few inconspicuous areas that would be hard to reach with the gun anyways and it looked pretty good. Not spray gun good but pretty good. SO, i decided to get out the spray gun and load some Indishrot for the cage. After heating the garage up one more time to make sure the metal stayed somewhat warm, i aimed the spray gun at the cage and went to town. I have to say that it looks pretty damn good, a few little drips or runs but otherwise awesome look for the car. Much better than i really thought it would look. I pulled the spray can out and touched up a couple spots i couldnt reach and called it a night. Next will be blocking the car in some areas, wetsanding in others for final spray. The inside will need a scuff pad run over it and it will be ready for some grey, but not until the cage drys a couple days completely. I also havent touched the new hood yet or cut it for the aero latches so i guess that will be soon as well. Hope you all have a good holiday, im ready for my time off.


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