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Heres the catch

December 29, 2011

Before i spend any time on getting the hood ready for primer, it needs to close first. Sam bought an Aerolatch kit so the only question was how to attach it. I opted for a center mount since its easier, lighter and easier. First i welded a plate in place of the factory catch in the front of the car. Then i drilled a hole in the center of the plate and then up through the hood of the car. Based on this hole, i set the Aerolatch on the hood and traced the outline. Then after some creative cutting and grinding i had a hole in the shape of the latch, through the sheet metal and the support below. I also had to cut half an inch all around this opening on the bottom of the hood to access the nuts that attach the latch to the top. Once mounted its just a matter of adjusting the pin to get the hood sitting in the right position.


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