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Saturday in the Garage

January 8, 2012

The weather has been unseasonably warm here lately so i thought i would take advantage of it by getting some work done. I decided that this sunday would be the day im spraying the body of the car, but there was still alot to be done. Friday after work i was going to get the hood and front valance in primer and start working on the lower ds rocker panel. As it would have it i got called into work and ended up home late on friday, so today was crunch time. After getting the front valance sanded down i sprayed the bottom of the hood and the valance at one time. Then i finished the body work on the ds rocker and resprayed the rock guard on both sides of the car.  An hour later i sprayed primer over the rock guard and the top of the hood and started on wetsanding the body of the car down for paint. Some of this was done thursday night when my cousin came over and sanded the hood down for me and we welded up and shaved the windshield squirter holes. Once the primer on to top side of the hood had dried i flipped it back over and sprayed the lower portion of the hood grey. Heater on and paint drying i left the garage for awhile to eat and hang inside. By the time i made it back out to the garage the grey was dry enough to tape up  the bottom of the hood and set it up on the car for paint. Also having little room to hang the front valance and it being too flimsy to set on a stand, i decided to use zip ties to hang the front valance from the front of the car. This way i can spray the thing and dont have to duck under it while spraying the rest of the car.  Once i finished wetsanding everything i wiped the whole car down top to bottom with wet cloths and dryed the car off. Tomorrow i will go over the car one more time and tack cloth it before spraying to try to keep dust down. Sam is coming over in the morning to help out and by afternoon we should have a shiney car! Hopefully then it will be all down hill just doing easy stuff like installing the motor and wiring.


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