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January 11, 2012

so after looking over my paint job from sunday on the spec car i decided that there was too many small imperfections to correct. Today the weather was mild but later this week expected to get cold so if i was going to respray the car, today was the day. Off to the majical paint store for some more grey juice and once home today i wetsanded like a mad man, knocking down all the dust and runs and fish eyes that plagued the paint. After a good wipe down or three i loaded the gun once again and laid two more wet coats of single stage PPG over the car. The heat was cranked for awhile this time, the thermometer reading 90 degrees on the wall. After the dust settled i left the heat on for a few hours and maintained 70 degrees in the garage as long as possible. After the baby was off to bed i headed back out to the garage to check out the car. Not pefect but much better than before, still some dust and a couple small runs but no fish eyes and much better coverage. Since the paint had set up pretty well in the heat i decided to untape much of it since the car has been taped up for almost a week. Very happy about the way my tape job turned out, the black trim around the windows still perfect and almost no overspray anywhere that was taped up. After getting the paper off the windows i decided to untape the rollcage which has been taped up for weeks. After an hour or so the cage was all untaped except the top bars and looks pretty damn awesome. Maybe this week i’ll get the hood off and untape under there if i can get some help.


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