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Mr. Clean

January 23, 2012

This week Alan and my cousing stopped out to help and got much accomplished on the spec car. I was wetsanding and buffing the car while Alan was taking the new motor apart to inspect under the oil pan and removing the cambox that will be replaced with a much shinier one. My cousin Jim was pulling the brake calipers and disassembling them so i could send them off to the sand blaster. It’s been a busy week, so i didnt make it out to the garage again until sunday, once again. I did finish wetsanding the rest of the car and buffing it out to a nice shiney surface. Still have a sunroof, valance and headlight covers to finish but the bulk of the car is done. Once done sanding i washed the entire car inside and out with soap and water to remove any compound or polish from the surface, then sprayed it all down. Using my air gun i was able to blow away most of the water and wipe the car down  with microfiber towels to prevent scratching. Next week i will be able to start focusing on installing the motor and putting parts back onto the car. Monday im picking up the brake calipers from the sand blasting guy so i can paint them and rebuild the calipers with new seals.  The engine is sitting, ready to install the new water pump and rollers and the 88 header.


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