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Wired Science

February 13, 2012

The owner of the spec car im working on Sam came in from Indy today to help out as well as good o’le Alan. Sam worked on swapping the rear swaybar from the Weltmeister bars to a Kokeland?? bar and was helping out with some wiring while Alan installed the newly rebuilt calipers onto the car with the brake pads and hardware. I worked to make the best of two header heat sheilds for our turbo oil cooler housing meanwhile. I also managed to get the dash board cut out for the gauges- our 2 1/16th hole saw arrived sat in the mail. After cutting the holes for the gauges- four in the dash panel and two in the center panel, i sprayed the gauge panel with some hammerite and we started running the ground wires to the shutoff switch on the a-pillar. After a couple different attempts we ended up running the ground wire through the ps firewall and under the dash over to the shutoff switch. The 12v wiring to and from the switch to the coil was routed through what was once the ds a- pillar drain tube. This turned out very clean and we even added some rubber covers for the wiring in case someone should stick their hand up in there. I spent alot of time messing around with the heater so hopefully next week we’ll have that under control and i can get some real work done- hope to get her started in the next couple weeks!


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One Comment
  1. Neal Agran permalink

    That thing is looking really nice! I’m going out to visit mine and prep the interior for a repaint on Sunday.

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