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Engine Evolution

February 20, 2012

headed out to the garage today to get some progress on the spec car. Ive been sick the last two weeks so finally im feeling up to it and i also got my heater working correctly so today its on! First thing was to remove the cam from my spare motor since its a late motor with a late cam – 155-09 – which we wanted to put into Sam’s car for alittle extra power. After spraying out the inside of the new polished cam tower to remove all the polishing goo, i wiped the “new” cam down with oil and installed it with new seals and installed the cam tower onto the motor. Since the cam tower was now in place, things went quickly. I installed the pulleys and belts, dropped the intake on, throttle body, vac lines, j-boot, and fuel rail with the new injectors. I finally was able tofinish wiring up the connections from the sensors to the gauges in the car and install the plug wires, coil which i painted graphite as well as the catch can. Then i moved onto the cooling system, installing the radiator, coolant resevoir and the new silicone red hoses which add some color under the hood for sure! Couldnt find the plug for the radiator so Sam is ordering a new one along with all the fifty other tiny pieces we need to finish out the car. I made a trip to Autozone for some supplies as well, picking up a Thrush muffler and tailpipe to finish off the exhaust this week, some ribbon strip sealer for the taillights, some brake clean for cleaning up parts and some rubber caps to plug all the lines we are no longer using on the motor. Finally tonite i installed the new Rennbay fuel lines. Busy day- oh did i mention Alan came over and cleaned the brake booster?


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