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Wiring Wednesday

February 23, 2012

Got some garage time in tonite and once again my cousin came over to help. He started working on the exhaust, separating the old system rear section and installing another rear section from the attic onto the car so we could weld in a muffler like my car has. After hanging the full exhaust on the car in position we cut off the stock muffler and i placed the new muffler and tailpipe in place. More to come on that after i cut the brackets off the stock muffler and do some welding. I got busy with wiring. Picked up a positive terminal from the “Zone” and got the positive leads all hooked up to the battery. I cut the stock battery post from the original ground cable and installed a lug, making this cable a ground wire from the motor to the body in the battery box. I traced the wiring to the ignition switch and after realizing that the color codes were in german, was able to cut the wires off and wire them into our new power switch and starter button. The first switch on the switch panel is now wired to the wipers which work! The gauge panel is wired to ground but i haven’t tapped into 12v for it yet, but touching it to the power for the ignition switch gets the gas gauge to light up- still waiting on the light plugs for the other gauges. Meanwhile Jimmy had finished up with his part of the exhaust project so i had him install the taillights with some new seal strip and start installing some loom covering on the rear harness to cover up some residual orange left in the car. Getting very close to starting the car, once the gauges are hooked up, lights in and i get the starter and new fuel lines installed, we’ll just need some oil and cross our fingers- maybe this weekend!


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