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Saturday Night Spec-ial

February 26, 2012

Its the home stretch to get the spec car started and driving. Today i worked on some wiring since the new vdo light plugs came in for the gauges. Plugged the gauge lights in- pretty easy- then wired the gauges to the switched power for the car. I installed power and ground to the center panel gauges and prewired the rest of the switches to make things easier later. I installed the Trac-mate system as well today, mounting the control box on the center tunnel and wiring in for power and ground, routing the wire to the dash panel and now we have a lighted display. The antenna was mounted on the roof behind the sunroof  and wire routed back to the control unit. I also received the hose for the catch can so routed the hose from the AOS to the catch can, then from the can back to the intake boot. Part of the hose needed to make a pretty tight bend so i stopped at the hardware store and bought a coil spring that fit into the hose and this works to keep the hose from kinking throughout the bend. Finally i climbed under the car and installed the turbo starter Sam sourced for the car. Got the air meter installed and dropped seven quarts of oil in the motor. I pulled the DME relay, flipped the power switch and pressed the button and she cranks!  On to the exhaust. The converted had already been cut out of this exhaust, but last season the rear half broke off so i needed to make a new rear section. Using a stock piece from the attic i cut off the muffler and installed the rear pipe. Today i welded on the new muffler, tailpipe and cut off the hanger from the stock muffler and welded it to the body of the new muffler. Once i completed the welds i cleaned and sanded the pipes and painted the whole assembly with stove black paint. This should protect the exhaust from rust and makes it much prettier. Well hopefully next week i can write that the car started because the sooner this one runs the sooner my car can come back to the garage! Can’t wait!


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