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Two Spec Boogie

February 27, 2012

Well like Ice Cube said, today was a good day. After letting the battery in Sam’s car trickle charge over night, this morning i cranked the motor over with the plugs out and watched as the oil pressure gauge went up to 70psi. Nice oil pressure which is what we wanted to see. I climbed under the car again and mounted up the newly painted exhaust which looks awesome, of course. Only thing left to do before the car will start besides waiting for my fuel line fitting would be hooking up the computer, so in went the DME and altitude sensor which i mounted on the passenger side far right below the dash. I decided that this was as good a time as any to clean the garage to prepare for my cars homecoming. On went the wheels and i set her down on the ground for the first time in a couple months. I pushed the car outside and snapped a couple pics of the car in what we had of sun today, cant wait to see this thing all cleaned up!  Once the garage was cleaned and re-organized enough to fit another car i headed over to pick up the trailer and my original project on this blog, MY spec car. Somehow having a battery kill switch has kept the battery in my car charged pretty well, and after a couple quick turns the motor fired right up. Once home it didn’t take long for me to start looking into some little projects i had been thinking about this whole time. Some how i had inadvertently cut out the low speed fan resistor harness, so i climbed under the dash and wired them back up and mounted them under the dash instead of the original location under the hood. Early cars are under the dash anyway. Since i mounted Sam’s DME on the ps outer kickpanel i decided mine should go there too- it keeps the tunnel area clean and its more out of the way. I was careful with both to make sure the plug will still come out once its mounted in case NASA decides to compare DMEs at a race. Since i built Sam’s motor, i have noticed things that i may want to address on my motor. Looking at my AOS line it seems like the hose coming from the top of the AOS is kinked slightly, so i used a spring like i did on Sam’s car and replaced the line with some left over red hose as well. I ordered a steering wheel spacer awhile back for my car to get the wheel back alittle, that took about ten minutes and allowed me to reinstall a horn button, just for decoration. Too bad i sold my Porsche crest horn button damnit! So after a couple hours on my car, Sam’s car started feeling neglected so i installed the door latch mechanisms, pull straps and popped the rear side windows in as well. We will prob. end up having both cars aligned at the same shop here locally, so the cars both need to be set height wise before we send them off. Measuring Sam’s car it was pretty even at about 24″ at all four wheel wells. I was afraid that my car was too high despite having set the rear torsions several times already lower and lower. Measuring the car tonight it was just above 24″ in the rear and 24.5″ in the front- this with the stock size tires on the car- the RA1’s should drop the car some as well as adjusting the front coilovers. Seems that maybe its closer than i thought! So thats it for tonite, hopefully next week i can figure out my taillights on my car, get Sam’s car started and put the hatch on, seat in and install the sunroofs and rollbar padding in both.


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