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Go and Stop

March 2, 2012

Jim stopped by again tonite and we were determined to get the car drivable tonite. He started installing the new brake lines while i finished up the fuel lines. Next i pumped up the brake bleeder and flowed some new blue fluid through the brake lines and clutch. Now the car runs, has brakes and the clutch even seems to work perfectly. Time for fire system work. I marked the spots to drill the floor to mount the fire extinguisher bottle and Jim drilled and mounted the tank in the car. We cut the bolts off flush with the bottom of the car and sprayed them black, then sprayed the side mounts for the driver’s seat graphite along with the hardware for the sunroof mounting. In went the sliders, in went the seat. Put the wheels on and dropped the car back on the ground. I decided that i was tired of the hood propped up on a hammer, and since the lower mounts for the hood struts were gone, i drilled the bottoms out of the struts and mounted them with some small bolts and nuts. Now the hood stays up on its own and the struts only weigh a fraction of a pound if that, not worth the hassle of not having them on there. Tomorrow the windshield goes in and i can take the car for a maiden voyage at least to the end of the drive way and let it warm up some on its own. Im running out of pieces to install so it must be getting close.

-on a similar note i bought the paint for my car today- some nice red and blues for the stripes to come in the next few weeks hopefully.


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