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No Sleep Till Putnam

March 4, 2012

Time to get the car ready. Sammy and Alan came over today and we drove the car up the street for the first time. The car runs great and seems tight, brakes and clutch needed rebled but otherwise fine. Friday the windshield was installed but we found a crack in it just beforehand, which unfortunatly now is a large crack. Not much time left before the car needs to go back to Indy so this afternoon i started the hustle to get the car together. I sanded and buffed the headlight covers and the sunroof, then siliconed the roof in and installed the brackets that hold it in. A quick re-bleed of the brakes and clutch got the pedal up and the brake pedal nice and stiff. Since the car was back in the air i decided to finish up some bits like installing a heatshield that was originally missing from under the shifter area, letting lots of hot air in around the boot. The loops for the seat belt harnesses also bolt through the floor so those went in as well. Under the dash i tied the fire system pull cable to the rollbar and wired the AMB transponder into the switched power circuit. The door handles were mismatched on the car and the ds handle broke pulling it apart, so using some parts from the shelf and some from the car and a purchase door linkage i was able to built both left and right porsche script handles. The script handle on the car had the wrong tumbler installed-late and early are different- so i found a tumbler in my box o’ handles and trimmed the pins to work with the factory key. I did this same process with the other script handle from my parts box and oiled everything, trims the pins and now the door locks on both doors work with the same key as the trunk, which is important when the car doesn’t have an ignition switch. Afterwords i scuffed and sprayed both handles graphite and installed them with the new gaskets we source for them. The inside pulls i installed earlier in the week work but the drivers side was hard to pull so i rerouted the cable, drilled some extra holes and this made it much easier. The ds handle was very hard to pull, and after half an hour of trying to find the issue, i replaced the door latch with the original latch and now it works fine. I guess the pretty latch from the new door was binding up. This week looks to be hectic at work so hopefully i can get alittle time in to finish the car and get it aligned before the looming date for a Putnam track event the end of the month.


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