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Car Dancing and other Distractions

March 5, 2012

Surprisingly i got another pass from the wife to head out to the garage today so i was determined to make it worth it. Under the car i dropped the new Koklein front sway bar on after i figured the thing out. Sam wanted to add an air inlet for the intake at the front bumper, so i trimmed the scoop that he bought to fit into the marker light hole and bolted it in place. Some 3″ flexible tube was run through a pre-cut hole in the sheet metal and routed up to the airbox where i rotated the inlet and attached the tube to this. We will have to add some mesh screen later on to keep debris out of the filter. The headlight covers were ready to put on so i attached the lids to the frames but they were so out of alignment that about two hours later i was done straightening them out. I guess the front of the car is tweeked slightly, just enough that many shims and some cutting of the hinge and welding of some brakets had to be done to get the ds lid to sit flush and square. I also had the new pieces from Alan to install that hold the frames in place and allow you to raise them manually. The ps went on pretty easily but the drivers side required some slotting, redrilling and spacers from the frame rail to get the correct position. Talk about a nightmare. Time to start using my newly aquired driving concentration techniques i learned about on saturday to distract me. So the passenger door was off to fix some paint problems but today the door was buffed, reinstalled and door handle is on and working now. Afterwards i started looking at the ignition system and discovered that the power i tapped into from the ignition switch for the ignition circuit is not fused anywhere! The car had a 20amp breaker mounted in the dash before so i simply placed that back into the new dash and spliced that into the incoming power to the dash. Problem solved. This afternoon i searched online for awhile trying to figure out which wire under the dash goes back to the fuel level sender, but as usually i couldnt find a single diagram or hint, so i was on my own. The Autometer gauge came with a super long purple wire for the sending unit signal, so i pulled it to the back of the car and touched it to the green wire on the sender, which made the gauge start moving. At the front of the car there are three plugs which go to the factory gauge cluster which we are not using. The “B” plug was the only one with a similar green wire so i tryed that one and wouldnt you know it was what i needed. After cutting the purple wire down and splicing into the green wire under the dash, i followed the instructions on the paperwork to calibrate the fuel gauge. Instead of emptying and filling the tank i pulled the sender out and manually operated the float level. It looks like the car has a half tank of gas currently so fingers crossed that its correct. Time for an alignment and some wheel/dash/mirror paint.


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