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Let me get this straight….

March 7, 2012

So yesterday i attempted to make it home from work in time to get the grey car to the alignment shop, but as luck would have it i ran out of time. Last night i loaded the car on the trailer and got it ready to go so i could try again today. Got home on time and headed out to the alignment shop where i dropped the car and explained what we wanted for the set up.  The front gets max castor, -3.5 front camber and zero toe- the rear gets -2.5 camber and 1/16″ toe in per wheel- ride height 4-4.5″ to the rocker with the 225/50/15 toyo RA1 spec tires we use. 

Once home i decided to do some work on my car for a change of scenery. There was one rust spot on the drivers lower rocker in front of the rear wheel which really bugged me despite its making the car lighter. I grinded out the previous fix full of fiberglass and then trimmed the hole out alittle larger to remove a majority of the brown stuff. I made a template of the hole and cut out some metal to weld in. After tack welding the patch in several spots around the hole i ground down the welds smooth and coated the panel in and out with some chassis coat rust treatment. Once the coating had dried i filled in the front and rear with a nice heavy layer of fiberglass filler and wiped it smooth. Now when i go back to finish this area it will be free of rust, solid and ready for a quick swipe of bondo and some rock guard spray to blend into the lower rocker. WALA! I remembered that since my air box pulls air from the wheel well i needed to cover up the area to keep out dirt from the tires since the wheel well liners are removed. I just put a “ram air” setup on Sam’s car the other day so i thought i would see how hard it would be to do mine. Trimming the very end from the airbox snorkel i was able to slide some of the blue 3″ flexible rubber tube up to the airbox and route it down to the area my fog light would have been. Guess i need to make a scoop for that now. Tomorrow my car goes to the alignment shop and Sam’s car comes back so i can finish buffing it out and attach the lower valance, paint the mirrors and start on thedash and three sets of wheels to paint as well.


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