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The Race to the Race

March 9, 2012

Picked up my car from the alignment shop today – woo whoo! After picking up the car i headed over to my dad’s shop to dismount some tires from one of my sets of rims that need painted and a set of Sam’s that are no longer being used.  Now that the cars drive straight i decided to finish up on the interior of Sam’s car once i got home. The fire bottle was mounted so i pulled out the 1/4″ aluminum line from the kit and bent up some pieces, routing one to the center console to protect the driver and one up under the hood for the fuel rail/header area. Then the cable was mounted and bent to fit the pull tab to actuate the system. Then on to the rollbar padding. We picked up four pieces of 2″ high density rollbar pad from G-force and USRacegear in red to match the cage. After trimming each piece to fit around welds, bars and tabs i attached the padding to the headache bar, a-pillar, both door bars and knee bar with some cable ties that leave a smooth edge instead of the 90degree ties that you find most places. This keeps your suit from snagging on the ties and cutting your self getting in and out of the car. Padding installed i had to address some leaks i found while washing and buffing the car the other day. The panel in the cowl that covers the original hvac was sealed with some strip seal but somehow was leaking so i siliconed all around the inside of the panel from under the dash and also filled some holes in the fire wall around wires and the line for the extinguisher system. Not sure how much i will get to this weekend but next week i’ll be painting some wheels and mirrors, mounting the valance and Sammy’s car will almost be done.


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