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I Saw Red

March 12, 2012

Today was wheel day. Jim stopped over and we got to sanding and prepping wheels for paint. I have four phone dial wheels to paint besides the four on the car, and Sam has the eight wheels here besides the ones on his car currently, so twelve wheels to paint at once.  Oh, and mirrors for both cars.  Besides this was the paint i was using for my car is different than the paint on Sam’s car. I am using base/clear Guards red for my wheels and stripes while Sam’s car is a single stage paint in India red. So once the wheels and mirrors where all sanded down and cleaned, i sprayed a nice coat of eurethane high fill primer over all the wheels and mirrors, then fired up the torpedo heater to cook them. The temps this weekend have been amazing, making this the perfect time to spray anything, but with the heater we were able to ge the garage above 80 degrees which really gets the paint to cure fast. A quick wetsand of the mirrors and i sprayed a few coats of single stage red on Sam’s wheels and mirrors. Half an hour later we moved his stuff into the corner of the garage, put up some plastic sheet to divide the garage and sprayed my parts in the base coat red. While that cured out i took Sam’s carbon fiber dash and wetsanded it down to prep for some clearcoat. After spraying the red i emptied the gun out but did not clean out all of the red paint, then poured in my clear. Stirring this up made a tinted red clearcoat which i sprayed over the wheels, mirrors and the dash, giving the dash a nice red hue in just the right light. My crappy phone camera cannot portray how good the paint turned out, so happy!  Hopefully early this week i can mount the tires on one set of my wheels and Sam’s wheels, then finish spraying the next eight before the car is picked up this weekend.


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