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March 18, 2012

Today Sam’s car left the garage. We loaded up the eight extra wheels and a couple boxes of old/spare parts, but before loading the car on the trailer we had a few tasks to complete. The GT3RS  side decals would be difficult to do by yourself,  so we tag teamed them and they came out pretty nicely. We also stuck down the numbers for the doors and hood, which were made in a two color red/white. Afterwards we took a couple last test drives up the street before loading the car on the trailer. Its been a long three months but its time to get the car onto the track and use it.

Once Sam was gone, i started on some small projects to get my car ready. The sunroof needed to be painted inside and mounted into the roof. The hood pull also didn’t seem to work very well and was in a bad place, so i needed to come up with something alittle more creative. The roof mounts in Sam’s car were pretty easy to duplicate so i grabbed some aluminum flat plate and made a couple rear mounts, attaching them to the roof with a factory bolt and then a screw into the roof panel to hold the back. For the front i made a single center braket that works about the same. I picked up some VW white which is pretty similar to my factory color in Duplicolor spray can, and sprayed the inside of the roof  then painted the brakets black. A bead of silicone around the inside of the roof and into the drain tubes and it was in and i bolted it together.  While at the parts store i picked up a can of this Meguir’s spray that is supposed to keep brake dust from sticking to your wheels. I sprayed some onto the wheels, so hopefully i wont have to scrub them so much after my track event. We shall see. Now to make the hood open again. When i put the first hood pull on i mounted it to the factory latch with the small set screw which broke off easily as soon as i tightened it. In order to put a new cable in i would need to remove the set screw and replace it. I drilled out the four rivets that hold the latch assembly in and pulled the latch from the car so i could drill the set screw out. I decided that there was enough metal to drill the hole out larger and put a bigger set scew in. Once it was retapped and had a new screw, i used some small allen bolts to mount the hood latch back in. My new hood cable was a combination of a couple kits, one being a Help! product that came with an assortment of pull handles and a cable with a mount for the handle at one end and another set screw for the other end. I also had another cheap kit that i bought and decided it wouldnt work, but it did come with a plastic lined cable cover that i could use with the first kit. I decided to mount the pull handle in the drivers side turn signal since it no longer functioned and it was somewhat out of the way from damage (hopefully) being set back alittle from the bumper pads. I drilled a 1/4″ hole in the rear of the turn signal to route the cable through, but small enough to catch the small lip at that end of the cable to keep it from sliding through. On the inside of the housing i pushed a clip nut on to hold the cable into this location, then figured out where the handle would need to pass through the lense of the light. Using a dremel and a router bit i cut a hole through the lense and installed the cable handle etc. After some quick lubrication of the latch assembly i tested this setup out and it works way better that the previous and is much more visible. Time to get the rollbar padding in! I had five four foot pieces of high density padding 1.5″ to fit my cage sitting here for awhile. This stuff is made by G-Force and seems to fit  great. The rollbar is now covered on the door bars top and bottom, head bar along the top of the windshield, A pillar on the drivers side,  and the uprights on the door bars each side. After cutting and pushing each pad onto the bar, i attached them with some zip ties that fit flush once used instead of a standard 90 degree zip tie that ends up cutting you if you touch it. Alittle polishing and this weekend i can install the stickers and spray the much anticipated Martini stripes.


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