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I’ll have a Martini please

March 22, 2012

So ive been taking this week off from the garage so far, but tonite it seemed to lure me back. Ive been thinking about the stripes i’ll be painting on this thing for awhile and decided that in order to know where the stickers needed to be, i would have to install them before painting the stripes. A friend from Van printed the stickers for me awhile back and i was excited to see how they looked, so out came the squeegy and the spray bottle, tonite we do stickers! The Martini logos were printed in three pieces, but thanks to Van’s marking system they turned out perfectly aligned. The numbers on the doors were slightly harder, no real issues with bubbles in the stickers but the small outlines if not firmly attached would stretch alittle in places when pulling the backing paper off. I figured this out and they look real good despite some small imperfections.  On the rear i attached the slightly smaller decals, showing the car number and the R for rookie that needs to be in place until my fourth weekend i think. I still have plenty left over but with the stripes to paint and the required sponsor decals that need to go on, i’ll have to wait and see where everything goes.


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