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There’s a Fine Line

March 23, 2012

I try to stay out of the garage, i really do, but when the wife is gone i wander out there. I took the spec car for a quick lap of the block and then back to the garage so i could finish wetsanding the areas where the stripes were going to be painted. I did this with some 1000 grit sandpaper so that once the lines are painted i can just buff the car and you’ll never see where i sanded. Since the car was sanded and ready i figured i would give taping the outline of the stripes with some fine line tape a shot. This is a very thin and flexible tape that not only is able to make nice curves easily, but also is meant to prevent paint from seeping under the edges making a “fuzzy” stripe. My first job was to tape up the stripe down the center of the car. Since the number is just over 18″ wide, based on the pictures of the car im portaying, the total center width would only need to be slightly larger. I measured from the windshield squirters which are about 20 and 3/4 inches apart, then measured from there. Once i found the center elsewhere i made the widths the same and laid the tape down. The sides however were slightly more difficult. The lower rocker portion is 4″ between the tape lines – remember the tape will not be there once the paint is done, so the stripes will be slightly thinner than they appear. Across the rear of the car is also 4″ and then gets wider across the rear quarters until reaching the rocker panels. Taping up the quarters is where an eye for continuity is more important than measuring. I changed the lines several times to get the angles and spacing i wanted on the quarters. Trying to get both sides to look the same is another story. After eyeballing both sides and getting them where i thought they looked the same i did measure them and they are 1/8″ different- good enough for me! I may tape off the lower valance as well and spray that red, not sure yet. Once the car is masked off loosely around the stripes, i will tape around the fine line tape with 3/4″ masking tape and masking paper- both of which are made to resist the chemicals in the paint. Newspaper and home depot paint is not meant for this and will bleed through. More to come, i planned to paint the stripes saturday but we’ll see, i may just get them going tomorrow night.


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  1. Sam permalink

    that is going to look so awesome.

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