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Paint yadda yadda

March 24, 2012

So i don’t usually blog at 2am but after tonites adventure im ready to share. I figured i would get the car ready for paint tonite and see how far it progressed. I had the car taped up by the time Alan got here to help out so after some dinner we headed back to the garage to spray some paint. I loaded the guards red in the gun and sprayed a coat of red through the center of the stripes. Once the red had flashed off and was dry enough to tape on i pulled out the blue fine line tape and layed out the center stripe and then masked off the center of that so i could spray the next color. Out came the light blue and once again after a few coats of that i waited for the paint to dry for the next round of tape. This last layer took the longest, probably taking me two hours to tape out the four lines through out all of the stripes and then mask them off for the final coat. Out came the dark blue and once it was covered i waited another half hour before unmasking all of the layers. Finally it was time to spray some clearcoat over everything and make it all shiney. By this time it was late and we needed a couple beers to detox from all the fumes in the garage, then back out to unmask the car and check out the final product. Im super happy with the way the paint turned out and after the car is polished up more and stickers applied it will be awesome. Thanks Alan for taking like 75 pictures while i was spraying and hanging late into the night to help out, i owe you some more beers.


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