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Spec-tacular track weekend

April 24, 2012

So its been awhile since i posted, but not much has happened  with the car since my last post until this weekend. Friday morning i trailered the spec car up to Mid Ohio Sports Car Course to attend the spring DE with the Ohio Valley Region PCA.  Friday was nice out and the car did rather well for its first time on the track. Temps, oil pressure and such were great, and the car handled amazingly with some slight adjusting of the tire temps. I found out that the car likes half a tank of gas or less, where my turbo was a little better balanced with more gas in the tank. Saturday was rainy and i practiced my rain line all day and got myself used to my hybrid neck brace between climbing in and out of my car and my students car. The last session saturday was finally dry and i was able to really get the car moving, making my fastest lap of the weekend at 1:47 around the club course. Sunday was more dry track time and hovering around 1:50-1:47 a lap, the car was doing about all it could to stay on the track. Since my fastest lap time currently in my 300hp turbo 944 was 1:43, i was pretty happy with these times from a car with only 130hp. I suspect with an LSD trans and a short fifth i could knock off another second.  Alan’s LS1 swapped 944 turbo was also doing well out there running into the 1:43 range. The weekend ended well with lots of good runs, pretty much toasted a new set of RA1 tires but i guess thats what happens when  you have over 8 hours of track time in a weekend.  

more pics to come when i get them


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