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SPEC problems

May 1, 2012

While my last weekend out was pretty good, the other car of Sam’s was having some issues. The first time out on the track his new motor (built by a shop) was using an unusual amount of oil, forcing it into the catch can and intake, making it hard to stay out very long on the track. We had a leak down check done and it turned up good, so off to Chi town to his first race went the car and owner. A few laps into the first practice session the car got real hot, and basically blew a head gasket. We also had a split in a cap on the top of the water pump, a possible escape route for the missing water. Compression test revealed that three pistons had low compression and the oil looked real bad with metal shavings. Not to be swayed, Sam picked up an 88 high compression motor for the car and ordered up some new gaskets and bearings for yet another motor. I have to say i would be less enthusiastic to march on. Tonite i pulled the head off of the motor in the car and surprisingly the bores look very good, as we had suspected a bad ring install for the oil usage and overheating. Unfortunately the reason for the issues is still unknown completely, as well as the extent of the damage. I do know that the new motor will have a hose and plug on the top of the water pump in place of a rubber cap, my car included. It would be a real shame if this was the reason for an entire motor swap.


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  1. Heard about Sam’s motor going at ABCC (as well as Ray’s and Palmer’s). I went through 3 motors in my 944 in the past 1 1/2 years racing. They are reliable but when they go – they are very expensive to fix.

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