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Down time projects

May 20, 2012

while I’m waiting for my parts to come back for Sam’s car, I’ve been working on some projects for this years 944fest. The fest is a gathering of the 924/944/968 guys near Cleveland, Oh every year which has been going on for over ten years. The last few years have been held at Nelson Ledges race course with a PCA driver’s education event held there the same weekend. Activities include games, a casual car show, track time Friday for fest participants, saturday and sunday  on track with the PCA and awards Saturday evening with tons of door prizes, freebies and extras for sale. Probably the last five years I’ve been involved in making the “famous” trophies given away at the 944fest, the coveted pistons. A few years ago the originator of the 944fest had a couple 944 pistons powder coated and gave them away as car show trophies and they were a big hit. Since then there have been more and more trophies as well as categories, from Best N/A, Best Turbo, Best 16v car, That Guy, Hard Luck, Track Beast, Long Distance and more. This year i have seven painted pistons as well as a few special custom trophies i welded together in the garage which are always a big hit. This year i welded up a Long Distance award, 16valve award, the Hard Luck award and a new one, the Ultimate Water Boy which will be given to the winner of a parts identification contest i am putting on this year. I will have a table full of 944 specific parts and a list of definitions and participants will have to match the numbers on each part with the definition. I’ll have some real tough ones in there so the winner will have to be well versed in the parts bin. My spec car as well as Sam’s car will both be at the fest this year for a “battle royal”, if you want to join us you can find more info at or check out the 944 forums on


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