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The Build Begins….Again.

May 26, 2012

This week i stopped by the machine shop to check on the progress of our parts and to my surprise they were just finishing the last piece! Didn’t get to work on the motor until tonite so i made it count. Starting with the bare block i installed the main bearings, assembly lubed everything up and dropped the crank in. Then goes the lower engine truss that holds the main bearing caps, also sealed with anaerobic sealant because of some oil passages running through it. Then goes the oil pump, and then one by one the pistons are installed with some ATF and a ring compressor. More assembly lube and new rob bearings, new rod nuts and everything is torqued to spec. On goes the pick up tube, oil pan and then the engine mounts, balance shafts and bearing caps. Coming together, basically the bottom end is done. Next move will be to assemble the head which is completely torn down and install it, then the water pump, inner belt covers, pulleys etc and drop it onto the cross member to install into the car after the clutch is on.


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