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Race to the Race

May 29, 2012

This weekend i decided that even though i would likely get called out to work, i was going to get some work done on this car. Friday night i managed to assemble the head. First I lapped  the valves in with some lapping compound which cleans up the mating surfaces. Next i installed some new valve seals onto the top of the guides, applied a little assembly lube and installed the valves. Next went in the shims, lower spring plates, new turbo valve springs and then the keepers and  retainers. Once the head was together, i pulled the new head gasket out and sprayed a couple coats of copper coat on each side. Saturday i had some time to kill in the afternoon and i dropped the head onto the motor and torqued everything down by the book. Next went on the headers and a couple seals. Sunday was a busy day so instead of wrenching i was out on the river relaxing, but monday being a holiday  i was out there again. I called up Andy and he stopped by and helped drop the motor down onto the front suspension. Once i installed the oil cooler plate and OPRV, the clutch assay. and the bell housing, the motor was rolled under the car and jacked up into place. Everything went pretty smoothly and within ten minutes the cross member was bolted in place and the motor was in the car, steering shaft and all. First i focused on the suspension, attaching the ball joints and tie rods back into place, then the front sway bar was bolted back up and under the car to the torque tube bolts to the bell housing, starter installed and clutch slave cylinder. Once i had the alternator hanging on the new drop bracket, i ran the wires to the starter and harness, then put the cam box back on, intake on and wired up the oil sensor, throttle position sensor and temp sensors. Our heat shield for the oil cooler housing didn’t work out so well last time, so this time i made one out of some sheet metal and bolted it on between the header and the oil lines. This week the new fuel rail and oil filter are on their way, as well as a new oil cooler. Once i drill and tap the small outlet on the water pump i can reinstall that and put the front of the motor together. Once all the parts arrive we should be able to fire it up late this week and then on to the alignment shop to make it go straight. Then we have a week to clean it up and break it in a little before the next track event. Should be an exciting week.


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