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June 1, 2012

Tuesday I bought a 3/8-18 NPT tap and a pipe plug for the water pump to cap off the extra port we are no longer using for the heater. The cap we used split and leaked so now this shouldn’t be a problem. Wednesday Alan and Jim came over to help and it was much needed. Jim sanded and repainted the exhaust which had flaked off much of my original “heat” paint – guess it gets hotter than a pot belly stove- and then he mounted it up under the car and bolted everything up tight. Alan swapped the fuel rail parts over to the new zinc plated rail while i was mounting the water pump, belts and rollers. I made Alan put the new DME in which he loved doing,i could tell. Once the timing was set, fuel lines tight and radiator and hoses all snugged up, I cranked the motor over to get oil pressure, dropped in the DME relay and she fired right up!  After idling for a little while the temps were great, fans came on and cycled off, oil pressure perfect and the motor was sounding very healthy. We had bypassed the oil cooler since out original Setrab unit was most likely contaminated so we ordered a new unit. Today after work the new cooler arrived and i bolted it up to the bracket and attached the lines. A quick leak check and add some oil and the engine was officially completed. I did do a quick check over the whole car to make sure every bolt we touched was tight from the exhaust and suspension to the fuel rail and covers. I ran the car around the block a few times and she runs very well, can’t wait to see it out on the track finally- without any problems!!!! I did end up rerouting the catch can lines after these pics were taken, now the AOS line goes under the intake and out the front to the can, making a much cleaner look and staying away from the hood. Sunday Sammy picks up the car and we will be at the Fest in two weeks for the Spec car Shootout!


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