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Boys under the hood

June 7, 2012

The Fest is coming up fast and i am surprisingly out of projects to do besides packing up my stuff. I did however want to clean the car up some, and one thing thats bugged me since the build has been the bottom of the hood. I had flaked off the hood insulation leaving some nasty looking glue under the hood, so tonite Alan, Jim and I pulled the hood and scrubbed off the bottom with various harsh chemicals- well ok Jim did most of it. Alan and I had a few cold ones and messed around with his car for awhile. Once the bottom of the hood was ehh, pretty clean, i stuck on some misc. stickers and we bolted it back up. Gotta be pretty right?  A few days ago i installed my front sway bar support brackets – and changed my water for some pre-mix coolant since i won’t need to run straight water until I’m racing with NASA. Sam stopped by last weekend and picked up his car, so this weekend it will be at Gingerman Raceway up in Michigan. Can’t wait to see it on the track at the Fest and see how closely are cars are paired.


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