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A Fest-ivus for the Rest of Us

June 20, 2012

Made it to the Fest with no problems and set up camp late thursday night with Sam, Alan, Ben and Elliot’s Chumpcar team in tow. Friday morning we made our way through tech and awaited our turn on the track, which was delayed awhile by a 928 that dumped oil on half the track and decided to drive it in. After an hour or more the track was clean and we had the green light. Sam, Alan and I pulled out on the track and gave it hell for about fifteen minutes. Sam’s car was running well and my car seemed to be well matched on the straights which is a good sign for both of us. Sam ended up pulling off once again with oil pressure issues which i think we now may have figured out, I stayed out awhile  which didn’t end the way i had anticipated. The car was running well and the tires felt very good although i knew they were not long for this world. I started getting some push through the tight right hand key hole turn and i figured the tires were heating up. Entering the kink after the back straight at 105mph suddenly the left front tire let loose and the car veered to the left, which i counter steered and then the car set off sideways down the track for a few hundred yards. The result was one destroyed front left tire and three others that flat spotted down to the chords. After this i swapped on a set of wheels i bought that came with Hoosier R6 tires which i figured i would burn up and lasted the rest of the weekend before chording on the last session.  The car did pretty well all weekend though, not sure of my fastest time but according to a couple other guys i was running with we were in the 1:20-1:21 lap time range. Meanwhile a friend of ours Dan Pearson who started the Fest, blew his motor in his TurboS just ahead of me on the back straight, number four piston rod making an appearance and a BMW one series taking a wild spin down the straight behind him and the James Bond oil slick. Alan’s car did great and was a big hit with everyone including Sammy who took it out for some laps. Alan won Best Modified at the car show and somehow my spec car got Grand Champion which was a surprise. Packed up on saturday and headed out once again towards home. I decided once home that i needed to do some actual racing and not just burn my tires up at DE events, so i have now signed up for Mid Ohio in August with NASA, comp school to get my race license and then races saturday and sunday with Sam, Neal and the guys. Alan is coming as well, hopefully he can do some time trials in his car there. Im pumped now, need to make some tweaks on the car, stiffen the rear shocks and sway and charge up my fire extinguisher system. More to come!



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