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Critical Numbers

July 10, 2012

Since i’m finally signed up to race, i want to be sure the car is on its best behavior. Talking to some other Spec racers it seems that gauges are a must for keeping track of all of your critical numbers . The factory VDO oil pressure gauge seemed to work fine, but readings on these twenty-some year old gauges can be questionable at times. Since we installed a mechanical gauge in Sam’s car, i figured this would work just as well in my race car. Nine feet of AN3 oil pressure line, an M18 x 1.5 x 1/8″ NPT fitting and an Autometer Sport Comp mechanical oil pressure gauge 2 1/16″ was ordered for the job. The lines and gauge come with enough fittings to do the job, and the only other thing required is some power to light the gauge up. Now since i’m monitoring the pressure of the oil, another critical number to watch is temperature. Another Autometer gauge was ordered, same size, this one an oil temp gauge that reads 100-250 degrees. The gauge comes with a sender, so i pulled the plug on the left side of the pan, drilled and tapped it to 1/8″ npt and installed the sender easily. The hardest part of the install was where to put the gauges. I originally wanted to leave the vents in the center of the dash alone, I like the stock look, but since i also wanted to be able to see these gauges easily, the vents came out and a plate was to be installed. I made a Z shaped plate for the gauges which places them at a slight angle towards the driver. Once the plate was fit i glued it into the dash with some two part epoxy, then sprayed it with some Wrinkle Black paint. Now to order another case of Amsoil, adjust the rear bar and shocks and charge the fire bottle. Time to race.



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