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The boys are back in town

July 18, 2012

Last night i got a few hours late in the garage and set the cars ride height, or dropped it i should say. I thought i had the car set pretty well before alignment but i believe he raised the car some to get the specs i wanted. Once i dropped the rear accentrics back down, i do have some more rear camber but with that and a spin of the front coilovers i now have just under 24″ at the top of each wheel well to the ground. Now to figure out how to adjust these damn rear shocks….

Finally back out in the garage again, time seems to be much less abundant these days. Since the race day is approaching i was planning on getting some last minute things done like adjusting the rear shocks, tightening the rear swaybar to add some over steer since i have alittle push in really tight corners, and swapping the antifreeze back to water. We finally lined up some schedules tonite for Alan and Jim to be here at the same time, so i put them to work. Another project that i wasnt planning on doing yet was swapping in my LSD trans i picked up awhile back. The open diff seems to do well but at mid ohio i was having some wheel spin in spots and i also needed a shorter fifth gear for the back straight. Since everyone else there will likely have the LSD and short fifth, i dont want to be left in the dust so now is as good a time as ever. Last weekend i cleaned the trans up some and spray painted it silver, as well as swapping in a short fifth from a donor turbo transmission a friend of mine wasnt using. Once the gears were swapped over, just have to wait for the new seals to show up so i can fill it with swepco 201 and stick her  in there. But first, the old must come out. This is pretty much the only part in the car i havent had removed yet so it was the nastiest as well. I put Jim to work tightening the rear sway and disconnecting the rear shocks for adjustment while Alan and I pulled all the bolts from the axels and got the trans loose. Once she was ready, just a few wiggles and the old trans was out on the floor. Now just to wait on parts, hopefully i can put the new trans in this weekend and get to the rad. flush soon.


BTW- update on Sam’s grey spec car. After pulling the oil filter housing and inspecting, i determined that somehow i had installed the oil thermostat upside down. This was blocking oil from coming back out of the oil cooler so under hot temps the oil would thin out and drop oil pressure. Now the car is running again and oil pressure is perfect. Sam got the car on a dyno and laid down a perfect 136rwhp which is awesome for us, basically all you could ask for from a stock new build motor. Last weekend he got in some racing and scored a 3rd and 2nd place finish which is awesome as well! Glad to finally see his car doing what it was meant to do. August i will be there with him at Mid Ohio so we’ll see how my car stacks up.


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