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LSD anyone?

July 22, 2012

Finally friday afternoon the rest of the trans gaskets showed up so friday night Andy came by and we installed the rear cap, seals and linkage on the new LSD trans and topped it off with some Swepco 201 fluid. I also picked up a new tube of Window Weld 3M sealant and filled my trans mount with the stuff which really stiffens up the movement side to side, saving your drivers side axle from being pinned. Today after some running around i got back out to the garage and installed the new trans and stiffened mount, which went pretty smooth and took about an hour. Took it for a drive up the block a few times and it felt very smooth and tight so i guess i did something right. Afterwards I got out the bug and tar remover and went to town on cleaning all the roadkill off the front of the car and applied a quick coat of wax to the front and top to help new debris be removed more easily. Alan stopped by and while tinkering with his Jetta we also made a camera mount for my Flip Camera and mounted it. Basically just bought a 1.5″ muffler clamp and then used a heavy piece of metal, bent in a couple places to mount the camera to with two holes to bolt it onto the clamp. A small bolt with the thread of the camera was used with a rubber cam box gasket o-ring to bottom the camera on and wala. Eventually i’ll paint it black but for now it works.


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