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The road to Road America

September 1, 2012

So the dust has settled on my first race weekend and now i’m preparing the car for my next race come October at Road America. First thing to do was try and fix the pushed in quarter panel on the drivers side of the car from a failed pass at Mid Ohio. With a slide hammer, some wood blocks and a large hammer i managed to pull my quarter out about an inch back into position and it looks pretty close, not perfect but better.  Next i had to address my leaking trans. The new front seal i installed didnt seat properly and leaked out pretty badly. Alan and I dropped the trans in a couple hours, swapped the seal and reinstalled it quickly.  After pondering my over steer problems at my first race i decided that a last minute lowering of the rear end had caused my rear suspension to toe out badly, which was already slightly out since my suspension was out of adjustment for a proper alignment. Talking to my alignment guy I learned that if i slotted out the front of the three trailing arm bolt slots that i would have more adjustment. After pulling the rear trailing arms loose and slotting the holes on the spring plate with a dremel tool, i trailered the car back to the alignment shop. This time the result was slight toe in on the rear suspension with 2.5 degrees neg. camber and zero toe up front with 3.5 neg. camber in front- perfect!!! Ok so the car will go straight and not leak. Whats next. Before i head out, i’ll be needing another set of tires. Eventually i will have three full sets, the last being rain tires- full tread RA1 toyos to use only in the wet. I have three sets of wheels already, two sets are painted red to match, but the last set i have not touched yet. When looking in my cabinet of paint, i realized that i dont have enough red to do another set of wheels, but i have plenty of blue/light blue from my stripes left over. I picked the light blue color and started sanding the last set of wheels down. I also had a set of wheels to paint for Alan so we simultaneously sanded and primed both sets. After plenty of blue and two coats of clear they are ready for some tires, when ever i have the funds. Meanwhile my heavy duty NAPA jack decided to quit working. This was a perfect excuse to buy a lightweight track jack while im waiting to get the big guy rebuilt. Off to Harbor Frieght! Next up, rotate the tires on the car and change the oil.  Hopefully my Toyo bucks i earned at the last race show up soon so i can order another set of shaved RA1’s and mount them.


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