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The Wheel Deal

September 15, 2012

The Spec car is sitting waiting for an oil change and some tires, so life in the garage has been pretty slow. I have eight shiny wheels with no tires, and a budget for about one, plus my $100 Toyo bucks. Last weekend Sam and the guys were racing at Mid Ohio for the National NASA races, so i was getting updates here and there about car issues, who finished first etc. One big one was when I heard the news about Neal’s big wreck in GTS1, pretty much took out the whole drivers side of the car, luckily both drivers were ok. Since Neal also runs with the 944spec series, his absence dropped the number of entrants down to 9 cars, just low enough to drop the contingency for the top finishers drastically. Eric Kuhns was calling around, looking for someone to volunteer their car to start the race, for just a lap or so, to boost the number or entries. Although i was last on the list, i got the call to come up to Mid Ohio on Sunday, which i did. We came up with a plan that we agreed on,  packed up the car, the daughter and the wife and made our way up to the track. Once Neal was in the car and headed for the grid, we walked over to the other side of the track, just behind the back straight to watch the Spec boxter, Spec 944 and Spec E30 race. It was pretty cool to see the view from the other side, and seeing my car out there was sweet. After watching a great race we headed back to the paddock to hear some stories and pack the car up. Eric hooked me up with four great used RA1 tires dated this year, enough to last me through Road America in October. They also turned me on to a guy who was selling some new full tread RA1 tires for rains, half price! Finally, truck loaded with tires, we headed back.

Monday I headed to the shop to mount up all my new tires on my shiny rims. Once they were laying back in my garage i went back to my previous project, looking for a stock chip for my DME. When i bought my motor, the DME had “autothority chip installed” written on the cover. Since an aftermarket chip is technically illegal in the 944spec class, i’ve been searching for a stock one everywhere. This week i located a guy on who said he would trade DME computers, my chipped unit for his stocker. To be sure of which chip i had in there, tonite i pulled the box open, only to reveal i already have the stock chip installed. OOOOOkay……? Since the deal had been struck i turned the guy to Sam who had the same issue, hopefully they can make a good swap. I went back out to the garage for awhile to re-install my DME and decided to do alittle DIY corner balancing on the car. Out comes the tape measure and the jack, ended up doing some fine adjustment on the rear ride heights and left front corner which was way too high and could explain my abnormal wear on my tire there in my last race. Tomorrow i’ll drive the car alittle and make sure everything settles ok, then remeasure from there. Then maybe i’ll quit procrastinating about my oil change.


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