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Dyno Trio

September 30, 2012

After doing some negotiating during a used car purchase, Alan, Elliot and I ended up with some free dyno time at a local shop. Elliot is a co-worker of my friend Alan who also runs a 944 chumpcar. We all had our reasons to strap the cars down today, mine was to try and tune the AFM to squeeze some more performance out of the old spec car. After the car was on a warmed up i laid down a couple base runs. The dyno we used im not sure was set to the standard that most others are, because my first few runs were about 10-15hp lower than would be expected, but i figured i would improve on what we were seeing. My car was running pretty rich down low, so jump on the throttle out of a slow corner and the thing was sluggish to about 5k or more. After tightening the spring on the flapper door i was finally able to lean the car out enough that the tach swing was much faster, torque was improved by about 15-20ft/lbs and horsepower probably went up 3-4 hp or so. I was pretty happy with this, pulled the car out of the garage and took a quick run up the street to test it out. WOW! Huge improvement on low end, the car felt like it was launching off instantly when i jumped on the gas. Now the car pulls very hard- for an n/a- through the entire range. I cant wait to try it out on the track now since the last race i felt like i was being left behind in certain spots where the rpms were low.

Next up, Alan loaded the swapped turbo onto the dyno and showed what a modern v8 could do, putting down 350 rwhp with little effort. The car was running really rich, into the 10:1 range which means with some tuning there is plenty more hp to be made.  Then up was Elliott’s chumpcar the Larry Racing special. The car started pretty low on horsepower, especially since its already an early car with a lower compression engine, etc. After some adjusting and experimenting with the AFM, we managed to squeeze an extra 10-15 hp from the car and the torque was up quite a bit. Thanks to the guys at R-style for allowing us to kill about four hours making alot of noise in their shop and messing around under the hood.



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