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Lets Get This Straight

October 23, 2012

Now that the race season is over, for me at least, its time to go into winter time mode. Maybe i’m early but i usually have more winter projects than the norm. Sam’s car is in the garage now awaiting some frame time, so to prepare i pulled everything in the way from the front of the car. The lower valance, nose panel, headlights and air box assembly is all out and i had to do some maneuvering to get the radiator and fans out since they were pinned against the motor. Today i talked the frame guy from a local body shop into stopping by the garage to take a look at the car. His first impression was ” oh my” but i think he will be able to pull it out somehow. Hopefully next week the car will be all straight and i can just make it pretty and put it back together again. While the car is here it is also getting a new Griffin radiator, some custom exhaust mods from Hanksville Hotrods, a new j-boot which is ripped now and some other maintenance items.

Meanwhile other projects are in the works. Elliot, a local Chumpcar guy who runs a 944, blew his motor over the weekend at Road America of all places. He is stopping by this week to pick up Sam’s old motor from the grey car to replace the spot under the hood where he used to have four pistons. My car will be getting some refreshers this winter as well. I’m pulling the head from my stock motor- also under the bench – and sending it out to the machine shop for a valve job ,new guides and to be decked down some.  Meanwhile i have some other things planned for my car, hopefully one being a Traqmate system. This is a device that keeps track of your location on the race track via GPS and can measure cornering G’s, compare laps to other competitors and tons of other stuff that i’ve only started to learn about. Pretty pricey but well worth the investment. Of course other crap i need includes brake pads, tires, oil change, brake fluid flush, etc etc. Its going to be another long winter…..


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