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Will work for Race

November 25, 2012

So its been almost a month i would have hoped to be much further along in repairing Sam’s car but it seems that unless you drive something new, no one has the time to work on your car. After waiting for weeks the first shop told me to try another shop. This one seems much more promising but there is still a wait. He also said he wanted a front clip to make the repairs, so the day before Thanksgiving, Sam and I met up in Connorsville Indiana and cut the front off of a parted turbo with a saws all. Today i spent a good amount of time removing all of the stock stuff from the front clip, including the radiator, condensor, power steering hoses, oil cooler, horns, headlights and wiring. As much as i would like to think that i could weld this front clip in myself, it looks pretty daunting- i’ll leave it to the pro’s. After messing with that for awhile, i moved inside and pulled the fenders from the car. Since i want to try and save these fenders to avoid having to source all new stripes/stickers etc, i figured i would keep them here safe and let the frame guy fit the car with some used fenders i have upstairs. We have managed to build up a pretty good parts collection while waiting though. Sam’s car will be getting fresh paint and also a front engine reseal to figure out the oil leak, new front struts, new tow straps, a new partial exhaust to free up some ponies, a full head refurbish at the same time as mine, new Griffin radiator, then obviously and alignment etc. We also have a few new gauges to install in his car as well as sensors for warning lights that will hook into the traqmate system. Last thing i did was remove the fire bottles from both of our cars and store them in the house. Since these are basically water mixed with foam, you don’t want them to freeze in the winter and explode, so don’t overlook this if you have one.

My car hopefully will be much easier. I did pick up a Traqmate system with the standard display, which eventually will be traded for a TraqDash like Sam’s, since my stock gauges are about useless. I also picked up two used Go Pro cameras and a box full of mounts and accessories, so maybe i can get some good video this year. I’ll probably need to pick up the Traqmate video thingamagig that hooks the videos into your Traqmate system, overlays the data and allows you to turn the cameras on remotely- which is nice when you are strapped into the race car. My car is also slightly heavy, so in the spirit of adding lightness, i am ditching the Autozone battery for a 6lb Braille battery i picked up new. I’ll write up some details on mounting it when i get that far, as the mount they sell is pricey. I also picked up a new set of Hawk pads for the front and rear of my car, not sure if i need them yet, but its a probability after driving at Road America, the brake pad killer of the Mid West.


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